Pure Balance Superfood Powder


*Now in a 200 gram stand up pouch!*

My personal choice for my daily wellness ritual, this is an amazing and balanced superfood powder to help you address low energy, stress, mood, hormone balance, women’s and men’s health, fertility, libido, and immunity. Perfectly balancing, the more energizing Maca is grounded by the soothing and nourishing Ashwaganda, making it perfect for giving you energy and motivation in a way that doesn’t leave you wired and with your nerves frayed. Maca and Ashwaganda work to gently re-balance the hormonal systems at the source without side effects or other imbalances, leading to a boost in mood, a regulation of stress hormones, thyroid support and a nourished reproductive system. ┬áThe mesquite adds a spectrum of healing vitamins and minerals and lends a beautiful subtle caramel sweetness.

If you suffer from fatigue, anxiety, depression, chronic illness, hormone imbalance, infertility or insomnia then this is the combination for you.

For easy use grab a mason jar that you use daily and shake 2 tsps of this blend into water, milk/nut milk, coconut water or juice. Can also be blended into smoothies or stirred into any drink like lattes. I tend to just shake the blend into my water a couple times a day.

I hope you find as much support from this blend as I do! <3


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