Herbal Vaporizer Starter Pack


*All retail prices in Canadian Dollars*

A full variety of all our most popular herbs and blends for use in vaporizers with dry herb capabilities! Use them on their own or make your own DIY vaporizer and smoke blends, herbal teas, tinctures, elixirs and more!


Includes a selection of the best herbs to vaporize: (click the links for more information):

~10g Blue Lotus

~10g Pink Lotus

~10g Damiana

~10g Wild Dagga

~10g Raspberry Leaf

~10g Lemon Balm

~10g Spearmint

~Vaporizer Blends Sampler  (5g of Wild Mint, Lavender, Rose and Lotus Blends)

*note* All herbs and blends come in resealable plastic bags.

How to use: Use our natural herbal smoke or vaporizer blends in rolling papers, pipes, or vaporizers! Enjoy alone or as an all natural tobacco alternative in spliffs. Best enjoyed in 1/4 gram –> 1 gram dosages.

Peruse the website to learn more about the best herbs to vaporize or click here for a summary of effects and dosages.



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