Green Energy Superfood Smoothie Powder

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*Now in a 200gram size kraft pouch!*


I’ve been using this for years and I don’t know if there’s anything that this smoothie powder doesn’t do. If you need more energy and balance in your life then here is a place to start!!
A completely yummy powerhouse of organic Spirulina, Chlorella, Maca and Mesquite with ZERO fillers or fluff.
Use 1-2 tablespoons and shake into water, juice, milk, or coconut water (I like half and half coconut water and nut milk) and get ready for helping your body achieve:
~A full spectrum of amino acids and protein
~High quality absorbable plant iron
~Enhanced energy and brain power
~Heightened Immunity, longevity, vitality
~Hormone balance
~Happier mood and resistance to stress
~Detox from heavy metals, radiation
~Higher libido and fertility
~General awesomeness!!
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1 review for Green Energy Superfood Smoothie Powder

  1. Curtis

    This bid my favourite product at Harmony Herbals, very satisfying, tasty, healthy, and gives you a great energy boost. I highly recommend this product, you won’t be disappointed!

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