Bliss Starter Package


*All prices in Canadian Dollars!*

A selection of customer favorites and our personal recommendations to get you on the road to more peace, happiness, and balance in your life!

A host of amazing natural tools for anxiety, insomnia, mood balance, spiritual work, meditation and reflection, and positive lifestyle design.

Treat your self  and prioritize your mental health and well-being with this optimal self care package of herbs that help induce states of bliss, connection and relaxation.


Nikki, Owner and Herbalist at Harmony Herbals.


*Save $10!*

This package includes one package of:

~Peace Organic Herbal Tea

~Blue Lotus Flowers

~Pink Lotus Flowers

~Damiana Leaf

~Dreams Herbal Smoke and Vaporizer Blend

~Pure Balance Superfood Powder

~Palo Santo Incense



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