Recipes for Blue Lotus Flowers

Blue Lotus Flowers

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If you’re wondering how to use Blue Lotus, here are some beautiful recipes to get you started.

This sacred flower of the ancient Egyptians was used in parties and rituals for it’s gently euphoric and relaxing effects. Considered a sensual tonic and mood booster, the Lotus was traditionally soaked in wine and then enjoyed as a beverage, as well as smoked in a pipe by itself or with other sacred herbs. Blue Lotus also makes a beautiful and relaxing tea.

Blue Lotus Recipes/ How to Use Blue Lotus:

Blue Lotus Wine:

Soak 10g of Blue Lotus in a medium mason jar with your favorite wine. Soak for up to one week (or 2 weeks for very potent effects.) and shake daily. You can get creative and add things like Damiana, Rose, Cacao Nibs, Vanilla…the possibilities are endless really. I love putting in honey at the end to sweeten up the wine. Beautifully relaxing and euphoric, this is a really amazing drink to share with friends and loved ones.

Blue Lotus Tea:
Steep 5g of Tea in 250mL of water for 10 minutes. Squeeze all excess liquid out of the flowers if you can. Add honey or sweetener and enjoy this sacred tea infusion.

Smoking Mix:
Blend a little Blue Lotus with your other favorite smoking herbs for a flavorful and euphoric twist. Mixes incredibly and blissfully with Damiana-these two herbs are often used together with your other favorite for a longer lasting, smooth burn.

Other ideas:
~Blue Lotus Chocolate
~Blue Lotus Brownies
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