Organic Blends

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Organic All Natural Herbal Blends for use in vaporizers, rolling papers, and pipes!

No chemicals, ever! We hand-select the smoothest, most flavorful, high potency herbs and plants from all around the world and blend them in small batches for quality and freshness. The herbs in our blends have been used medicinally and ceremonially throughout the ages for relaxation, inspiration, and meditation. We have spent years researching the best herbs to get you in that sweet space, and offer them to you with our promise that you will love the smooth, fresh fragrance, and relaxing effects. Use these blends alone or as an all natural tobacco alternative in spliffs! If you are looking to herbs for more peace, creativity and connection then you’ve come to the right place. Ease anxiety and stress, boost the mood, enhance your senses…and enjoy our shop!

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