Make Your Own Natural Herbal Smoke Blend!

~Everything you need to know to make your own herbal smoke or vaporizer blend~


1. Choose Your Base

Your base should be something that is smooth, has body, and burns well. There are a few different bases I would suggest, depending on your desired flavor and effect.

~Damiana: Nice herbacious unique flavor, and stronger relaxing effect. If you are looking to make a smoke blend to give this calming, creative, uplifting effect, I would suggest Damiana as your base. It burns very well, tastes great, and is easy to roll.

~Mullein: Mullein has a lot of body and burns well, but has no relaxing effect. This is good if you’re just looking for an every day kind of smoke. Mullein also cleanses the lungs and brings up congestion, so if you are quitting smoking or have quit already, Mullein is a good lung restorative. *TIP: Make sure the mullein isn’t too dry, because this causes the smoke to be more harsh. You can always remist lightly with a little bit of water. Also, rub the mullein between your fingertips to fluff it up.*

~Raspberry Leaf: Another nice, fluffy base for every day smoking blends. I suggest blending Raspberry and Mullein together for a nice base. You could even do one third of Damiana for a little more of a relaxing effect. You can play with the ratios and find your favorite!  Re-mist lightly with water to freshen up the leaves and make a nicer, smoother smoke.

Blue Lotus Flowers

Blue Lotus Flowers

2. Choose Your Modifiers

Your modifiers will be the second largest quantity in your  mix after the base. They will augment and enhance the effect of your base. So, depending on your desired effect, choose 2-4 modifiers to add to your base. Be creative!

To learn about the effects of different smokeable herbs visit our blog HERE.

Some examples of Modifiers are: Blue Lotus,  Passionflower, Wild Dagga, Uva Ursi, Mugwort, Skullcap, Wild Lettuce, Hops, California Poppy, Catnip, Chamomile,  Thyme, Uva Ursi, Mugwort, Lobelia, Marigold, Coltsfoot, Marshmallow, Marjoram Rose, and Stevia

Damiana blends well with other relaxing, psychotropic herbs like Blue Lotus,  Passionflower, Wild Dagga, Uva Ursi, Mugwort, Skullcap, Wild Lettuce, Hops, California Poppy, Calea and Catnip.

Mullein and Raspberry Leaf blend well with herbs  like Chamomile, Uva Ursi, Mugwort, Lobelia, Marigold, Coltsfoot, Marshmallow, Marjoram, Rose Petals, and Sage.

Calea Zacatechichi

Calea Z


3. Add a Flavor Twist

This herb will be in a smaller amount as they have a stronger taste, and they will finish off your blend with a unique flavor! Be careful with herbs like Clove which have a strong taste and medicinal effect.

Some examples are:

~Peppermint, Spearmint, Lavender, Sage, Thyme, Clove (crushed or ground), Licorice Root (crushed or ground) and Stevia.


Damiana Leaves

4. Put it together!

Now you’re ready for the final step. Take all your dried herbs (make sure to pick out any stems) and put them together in this ratio:

~ 3 parts Base Herb

~2 parts Modifiers

~1/2 to 1 part Flavor twist

For example, you’ve decided to  make a relaxing smoke mix.

Your base is Damiana. Place 3 handfuls of Damiana in a bowl.

Your modifiers are Blue Lotus, Mugwort and Wild Dagga. Mix these together first in equal parts, then place 2 handfuls of your modifiers in the bowl.

Your flavor twist is Lavender. You just want a subtle flavor Take a 1 very small handful of Lavender and place it in the bowl.

Mix it all together, and you’re done!

Now for the fun part….

Try it out!

Use a nice  pinch your natural herbal smoking mix in a rolling paper, pipe, or vaporizer.

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Happy Herbing!

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