~To source and blend the highest quality, most effective and flavorful herbs for relaxation, mood, energy, creativity and connection.

~To use the best available knowledge to naturally and gently take our customers into states of greater peace and passion.

~To promote the survival of traditional plant knowledge and to inform others on how to use natural plant alternatives to feel healthier, happier, and more in harmony with themselves and others.

Blue Lotus


Harmony Herbals, a herbalist run online shop and wholesale supplier, creates and sources the highest quality natural herbal products from all over the world.  Our offerings include;

~Organic, Hand-Blended, Healing Herbal Teas

~Exotic Dried Herbs

~Healthy Alternatives for Energy, Mood, Creativity, Passion and Relaxation

~Herbal Remedies for Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

~Natural Botanical Incenses such as Ecuadorian Palo Santo and White Sage

~Natural Self and Body Care

Chaga Powder


We are happy to talk to you about incorporating our product line into your business. Since its inception, Harmony Herbals has had great success in retail environments! Contact info@harmonyherbals.com with inquiries and wholesale pricing requests.

In Harmony,

Nikki Harmony
Owner, Herbalist
Harmony Herbals