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Harmony Herbals Vaporizer and Smoking BlendsHerbal Smoke Blend

Our herbalist formulated Smoking Blends and Herbal Vaporizer Blends are 100% organic, natural, hand blended and specifically selected for their smoothness, potency, fragrance, and blissful relaxing and uplifting effects. Zero chemicals, no artificial flavors, no funny stuff. Just healthy, happy herbals. Use alone, or with your other favorites. There’s plenty of amazing ways to enjoy these unique, premium organic blends. Cleansing to the lungs and never overwhelming, use our blends in a vaporizer for the purest experience.

We hand-select the smoothest, most flavorful, high potency herbs and plants from all around the world and blend them in small batches for quality and freshness. The herbs in our blends have been used medicinally and ceremonially throughout the ages for relaxation, inspiration, and meditation. We have spent years researching the best herbs to get you in that sweet space, and offer them to you with our promise that you will love the smooth, fresh fragrance, and relaxing effects.

Feedback on Harmony Herbals Vaporizer Blends:

“These herbs won’t disappoint!! I ordered the Dream Smoke with Kinnikinnick. I’ve had many people asking where I got them from! Extremely quick service and a very positive experience and all around good vibes. I <3 harmony herbals!!” ~Kelsey, Loveland CO

“Extremely fast shipping, and FINALLY a place to get herbs that doesn’t seem so sketchy. Most other sellers of these herbs tend to always say “Legal bud” and “weed alternatives” and that always put me off. But seeing a seller who is obviously reputable and knows the product made me know this was the place to get it.” ~Chris, USA

“I really love the Dream Smoke blend, its amazing how easy I can fall asleep after vaping it. The Entheosmoke makes me feel completely zen and calm, I have found that I enjoy it even more when I smoke a little entheocigarette! The Kinnikinnick vaporizes extremely well, and I like to play around a little on the guitar after using that blend. Overall, I love the products!”
~Jacob, Illinois

“These all vape so well!!~!~ Thank you for the nice blends!~ Great buzz!~!” ~Addie, Pittsburgh PA

“I got a sample of each smokable and I have to say.. WOW! Really really fabulous. All of them vaporized very well. My friends love them, too. I kind of cant believe these blends are legal. WOW! WOW!~ I am impressed! I will be back for more! Thank you so much for offering these herbals. YOU RAWK!” ~Addie, Pittsburg PA

“I am a medicinal marijuana user for anxiety and sleep disorders, my mother Linda recently placed an order with you for 3 packets of your herbal mixtures. Thank you…the EntheoSmoke and Dream Smoke blends in particular have made such and amazing difference in the vaporization of my prescription. I am without words to describe how happy I am to have discovered these blends. Thank you again. ~Jordan, USA


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