Kinnikinnick Herbal Vaporizer Blend

Kinnikinnick Smoking Blend

A modern twist on a traditional native blend, Kinnikinnick is formulated from a combination of organic herbs and local plants. A beautiful mix of Organic Damiana, Mullein and Uva Ursi, herbs that were traditionally burnt and inhaled to connect with nature, cleanse the lungs and relax the mind.

This herbal vaporizer blend can be smoked as well, and mixes very smoothly with your other favorite  herbs- enhancing effects and adding a uplifting, creative twist. Also very helpful for reducing tobacco consumption.

Some feedback on Kinnikinnick:

“My favorite product of 2012!” ~ Christin Havartin, Vancouver BC

“Man, your mix is NO JOKE, it’s like the stuff Beethoven would have vaped if he had had it available!! This blend of herbs in your vapourizer, guaranteed to LAUNCH your music into another dimension!!’ ~Lucius, Quadra Island BC

“Gooooood stuff! One of my favorite blends!” ~Addie, Pittsburgh

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