Entheo Herbal Vaporizer Blend

EntheoSmoke Herbal Smoking Blend

This blue lotus based herbal vaporizer blend is meditative, calming and euphoric. Contains uplifting entheogens to enhance your connection with yourself, others and the world around you. A potent blend of Damiana, whole Blue Lotus flowers, Pink Lotus stamens, and Bearberry.

Entheo can also be smoked, though we recommend vaporizing for the purest experience!

Feedback on EntheoSmoke:

“I loved this, it has a beautiful smell and so smooth! Thank you!” ~Karen, Lethbridge

“I decided to smoke this, and found it wonderful. There is a very light flowery taste, which makes it delicious, and I found it makes you very relaxed, ready to play some music, meditate.. It really puts you in that blissful state, but in a very natural and light way. Nothing scary or extreme, this is just perfect. I love the seller, so helpful and friendly.” ~Maya, Montreal

“Serene, and savory. This blend is a subtle and delightful nightcap.” ~Betty, Knoxville TN

These all vape so well!!~!~ Thank you for the nice blends!~ Great buzz!~! ~Addie, Pittsburgh PN

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