Harmony Herbals Festival Express

Look for us at festivals, events and parties as we cruise around with our mobile herbal apothecary. From hangovers to happy-makin herbs, we’ve got you covered. Party in style with our energy shots, aphrodisiacs, natural mood boosters, herbal blends and elixirs. We love to see you squeezing every drop out of these amazing events, so hunt us down and let us help you keep grooving all weekend long.

nikki festival


Some words from our sea-faring, funky friends and fellow festival goers, West Coast Pirates!

“We at West Coast Pirates Clothing were lucky to dock aside Harmony Herbals through out the summer of 2012, and we have to say, they can help heal a hangover! We were too much of drunken pirates to remember the names of any of these potions but I suggest you check out their store on Etsy for a wide range of remedies! Now, give me an Arrr!!”

West Coast Pirates

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