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  • DIY Herbal Smoke Blend – How to make a herbal smoke blend in 4 easy steps!

    ~Everything you need to know to make your own herbal smoke blend~ 1. Choose Your Base Your base should be something that is smooth, has body, and burns well. There are a few different bases I would suggest, depending on your desired flavor and effect. ~Damiana: Nice herbacious unique flavor, and stronger relaxing effect. If you […]

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  • Vaporizing herbs

    Thinking about vaporizing herbs? You’ve come to the right place for learning about Herbal Vaporizer Blends. Vaporizing herbs is a healthy, gentle way to achieve the full therapeutic potential of suitable herbs. Vaporizing herbs such as Damiana, Blue Lotus and Wild Dagga can help you relax, enhance your creativity, boost your mood, and help you […]

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  • 6 of the Best Herbs to Vaporize

    Harmony Herbals on the Best Herbs to Vaporize So what are the best herbs to vaporize? Well, there are many herbs for vaporizers, each with their own unique flavors and effects. Inhaling herbs into the lungs is one of the fastest ways to receive the medicinal (and pleasurable!) benefits of the plants. My favorite herbs to […]

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